At-home learning activities for toddlers

Now that schools are closed for vacation, many parents with toddlers look for new ways to keep their children engaged and build on skills that they have been learning at their secular and religious education schools. Keeping toddlers engaged and active (without overusing screens) can be tough during a long break like this.

Early learning experts always recommend that it’s better to focus on play-based toddler activities at this age – no worksheets and flashcards — just old-fashioned playing! That doesn’t mean your toddler isn’t learning during these activities. In fact, toddlers learn best while they are playing.

Here are some home-based activities for you and your toddler. These activities help children to continue learning through different means within the comfort of their own homes and these can help further boost their academic, motor, communication, and social-emotional skills while they’re home from school.  These activities are fun, educational and inexpensive and will give you a chance to learn and bond with your child from a different perspective.

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