Self-care challenges

The Community Counseling Services (CCS) of Tanzania challenges you to work on one of two activities to help you live a healthier lifestyle. The following activities can be performed at any time of the day. Whether at work or at home, here are some do-able “me time” activities:

The self-care wheel

In this wheel, you can see a pie chart with 6 triangular empty sections. Here are simple steps to manage your life and rewire your priorities:

  • Print your wheel.
  • Select one triangle/section at a time.
  • Number them according to the highest/lowest priority.
  • Now, ask yourself “which triangle needs more care or balance?”
  • List down 3-5 solutions in which you can change or give better care to these triangles.
  • Match your solutions with the ones on the filled worksheet, add/remove what you deem best.
  • Finally, cut your wheel into a perfect circle, and stick it in your personal diary or in a place where you can view it on every waking morning.

A 30-day mental health challenge
In this calendar, you’ll be challenging yourself to attempt one exciting activity per day. Some of these activities will be easy and simple, others may push you out of your comfort zone. On each of these 30 days, it’s important that you create a personalized diary, or notepad, where you will write down some of the following reflections:

  • What do I, generally, THINK about this activity?
  • On a scale of 0 (lowest) to 100 (highest), how well was I ABLE to carry out today’s activity?
  • How did it FEEL to engage in this particular activity?
  • Is this something I could possibly REPEAT to perfection in the upcoming months?
  • Did I CHANGE, in any possible way, after completing today’s activity?

By the end of your calendar day 30, you may have known your strengths and weaknesses more in-depth, or you may simply learn a few new things about yourself. Pay more attention to the new things you are able to do, for yourself, or others.


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