Mentorship: learning from someone who wants you to grow

Are you a painter? Do you know how to scuba dive? Are you an expert in your field? Did you have a mentor to guide you?

Are you a young girl with a goal or a skill you want to learn? Do you have a mentor to guide you to fulfill your dream?

Womens Activity Portfolio (WAP), Tanzania is calling all mentors and mentees in our Jamat!

Often the youth of our jamat, and specifically the girls, have questions and aspirations about their goals, but are at a loss for where to find the information and whom to ask.  If you are one of them please reach out to us on [email protected] so we can pair you up with someone who has volunteered to assist.

We often forget that we have reached our goals because of those who have guided us or offered their words of wisdom.  At its core, mentoring lets young people know that someone is concerned and has a vested interest in them, and that they are not alone in dealing with their day to day challenges in their area of interest. Research confirms that quality mentoring has a positive impact on young people though their personal, academic and professional lives, leading to positive growth development and social economic opportunity.

WAP would like to compile a list of specialists who can help guide those looking for encouragement, knowledge, wisdom and experience in their areas of interest.  Be it cooks, bakers, accountants, architects, lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, tradespersons, programmers, artists, anything that is your skill, there is someone who would like to speak to you, learn from you, and be guided by you.

By being a mentor you can help guide growth, by focusing effort and working to set goals and guidelines.  As a source of knowledge, the youth will benefit from guidance, as it helps them feel comfortable in a new role more quickly. Share from your own learning how to set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely) goals that are attainable, and the smaller steps needed to reach their goals.  Initially, the exploration phase starts with conversation. How did you know, what steps did you take, are the goals attainable, are the right resources available, and how can they access them.

Often a mentorship leads to a long term professional relationship, where bonds are created over time, and the mentor and mentee learn from each other, and as peers are available to support one another.

To join the WAP Mentorship program, please email the following details to [email protected] to register yourself whether you are someone who wants to have a positive impact on a youths journey or you are that youth who needs someone to guide you.  Please note that this is a confidential email address.  Someone from our team will reach out to you once we receive your query.

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