Article on “The Rising” with Azim Jamal Founder, Corporate Sufi Worldwide

As part of the International Women’s Day Celebration, Women’s Activities Portfolio, Dar es Salaam had organized an extremely insightful session for first time engaging Women and Men of our Jamat focusing on Gender Equality so as to acquire leadership skills by merely  helping them seek towards their truest  and inner most potential as beings, allowing them to embark onto to a new journey of self-discovery and mastery that would enable them work effectively as a good team players within the society as whole as well as  support one another and lead a substantial life whether It is  financially, health wise, socially so on and so forth.

With that, Azim Jamal, shared with us his knowledge and wisdom from his recent book “what you seek, is seeking you” that has set of skills that would guide us on how to achieve the qualities we seek and turn them into real life goals so as to widen our horizons above and beyond our so called limits and challenge those with fruitful results towards the end. The speaker conducted a group activity to further deep dive onto those fears and challenges and also taught us on how to self-evaluate these desired and achievable goals using a 90day Score Card.  It was pleasing to know that our Jamati members thoroughly enjoyed the session as they were able to walk away with something that added value in their lives and the lives of others around them.

We often mislead ourselves into overthinking things that may not be able to get better and that is only because we lack the knowledge out there however, as they say “it is never too late to live a life one dreams of provided that we imply the hard work and persevere towards the goals we set” hence, Women’s Activities Portfolio hereby intends to continues to organize sessions that help educate, assist and encourage our Jamati members to rediscover their potentials, follow their passions towards a substantial life  and possibly help each other out within the community and globally; especially our young women who are now believed to be equally important in a society in order to create a profound balance overall.

With that, it is our hope and belief that we shall receive the continuous patronage as we have received in the past and we will strive to achieve excellence as desired by our Hazar Imam.

Thanking you,

Women’s Activities Portfolio, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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