Camp Fire 2017

The Aga Khan Scouts and Girl Guides held their Annual Campfire on 25th November 2017 at the Chang’ombe Jamatkhana grounds.

The campsite setup began on 22nd November where member and leaders met at the campsite for around three hours every evening till 24th November 2017. During this preparation camp, members got the opportunity to work hand in hand with experienced leaders in constructing the whole campsite as if it were their home away from home – from the basic home requirements like the tents (bedroom), the boundary (wall of the house), the lookout post (for the guard), a fully operational kitchen, storage area, library, dining table, shoe racks all the way to recreational items like the giant swing and the monkey bridge!

Members were very enthusiastic in learning these new ropes of the outdoor adventure. For most of them, it was the first time to participate in a camp of such magnitude and were always ready to help in whatever way to get the gadgets up and operational.

The main event took place on the evening of 25th November 2017. The jamat turned out in large numbers to witness the members’ achievement throughout the year and to complement their hard work over that week at camp.

During the event, members were presented with certificates of appreciation in the categories they excelled in, as well as group certificates for being part of the Scouts & Guides Band.

As part of the entertainment, the Scouts & Guides performed the “Hoola Hoops” and Pyramids along with the traditional NGOMA.

This year, we thought we would do something different to entertain the jamat by involving them to team up with our members in our tea and egg making competition “on the spot”, as well testing their observation skills with KIM’S GAME where they had to observe some 25 items in 60 seconds, memorize them and then list as many as they could remember! The result was awesome!

Overall, our event was huge success for closing the year 2017 and we reassure our jamat and parents that the year 2018 will be even better!

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