The Aga Khan Scouts and Guides Awards Ceremony

The Aga Khan Scouts and Guides (AKSG) Tanzania members participated in online sessions throughout this past year. Participants included members from Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, and a few from Dodoma, Moshi, and Morogoro too. The following online tasks were done throughout the year:

  1. Renewing the values of our promise
  2. Craftwork, creativity, and climate change
  3. The impact of technology
  4. Appreciating our friends and families
  5. Health, wellness, and helping the world around us.

Members also participated in activities related to the Global Ismaili CIVIC Day (GICD) in 5 regions of the country.

In a recent Awards Night Ceremony, all Dar es Salaam and selected upcountry members were awarded certificates for their participation and received badges if they completed the above online tasks. Achievement certificates were also given to the best members in each Scouts and Guides category. A separate Awards Ceremony was held for the Aga Khan Scouts and Guides members of the Mwanza division to appreciate their members similarly on December 12, 2021. Click on the video below to see the awardees.

The AKSG leadership would like to extend their heartfelt appreciation to all members and their families for their participation in activities this year and hope to receive the same support next year.

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