Tanzania and Zambia Ismaili CIVIC Day

On 26 September 2021, the Jamat in Tanzania set out to plant 1,000 trees in Dodoma; support 18 fish market food vendors who serve approximately 300 sellers in Mwanza; and support 4,000 school students in Dar es Salaam, Mbeya, and Zanzibar. In Zambia, volunteers were involved in clean up, tree planting, restoration/rehabilitation (such as painting) of classrooms and school grounds, and donation of stationery, supporting 350 school students.

The sites included:

  1. Dar es Salaam: Muhimbili Primary School & Umoja Wa Taifa Primary School in collaboration with Nipe Fagio, a civil society organization, and City Center
  2. Dodoma: Bunge Secondary School
  3. Mbeya: Azimio Primary School
  4. Mwanza: Mwaloni Fish Market
  5. Zanzibar: ZamZam Madrasa (Pre School)
  6. Zambia: Emmanuel Adventist Secondary School

This was part of a global initiative day – the Global Ismaili CIVIC Day. Global Ismaili CIVIC Day was a day for the Ismaili Community around the world to visibly engage in CIVIC related activities and programming in respective countries, whereby, through a united effort, we highlight the global potential of this initiative. In Tanzania and Zambia, in total, 250 kilograms of trash was collected, 4,500 beneficiaries were impacted, 1,150 trees were planted, and a total of 706 internal volunteers participated, contributing to 3,206 service hours. Take a look at some of the highlights in the video below and the photo album here on The Ismaili Tanzania Facebook page.

Here are some of the links from the media on the event’s coverage:

The Citizen, September 22: Global Ismaili CIVIC Day a boon for five Tanzanian cities

Mwananchi, September 22: Jumuiya ya Ismaili kutekeleza programu ya kutoa elimu ya mazingira

Daily News, September 26: Minister Jafo explains role of environment in maintaining middle income status

Ismaili CIVIC will continue to engage Jamati members to give back to our wider communities on an ongoing basis. Building on the positive momentum from the Global Ismaili CIVIC Day, the program is being developed, including a continuation of environmental stewardship and support for the schools, food banks, and other community development activities. Stay tuned for more information on The Ismaili Tanzania social media pages for updates in the coming months and get involved!

About Ismaili CIVIC

Ismaili CIVIC is a global programme under which the Ismaili community around the world are uniting around the mission to serve humanity by rendering service to improve the quality of life of the communities in which we live. The Ismaili CIVIC program reflects the Ismaili community’s centuries-old ethic of civic engagement and good citizenship, exemplifying Islam’s core values of service, peace, compassion and care for the vulnerable. Ismaili Muslims around the world generally live in pluralistic, and richly diverse communities and we are united in the belief in working towards the better good, both locally and globally.

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