Junior Volunteers Sports Day

The morning of November 20th 2016 was yet another exciting and fun filled event. With a crowd of 200+ people that included the junior and young volunteers, siblings, parents and the YJV team, it couldn’t have been better! The day started out with a delicious breakfast spread that led to a group of children fully geared to release their energy. The first round of games involved a mixed relay between parents, the juniors and the young volunteers where each of the teams had to make a joint effort to complete the challenges set up. This was followed by a set up of 4 stations whereby the children rotated in teams and took turns participating in some of the most innovative games. These included an obstacle challenge course, giant size aiming ring, energizer and balloon bowling. Aside from the success of the sports and games being carried out efficiently, it was truly an honor and sincerely motivating for the YJV team to witness the sportsmanship, team spirit and unity. The parental involvement was also greatly commendable and it is events like these that serve as a reminder that SEWA always proves itself fruitful in the end.

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