Nurturing Young Talent at ELC’s Holiday Camp

From Gymnastics, Yoga and Karate to Musical theatre, Dance and Art, ELC offers it all. At ELC we firmly believe that extracurricular activities contribute immensely to the holistic development of very young children improving not only their social skills and confidence but fostering their physical, cognitive and language development too. Whether it’s crawling through gym tunnels and rocking the latest Bollywood tune or holding a Yoga pose and honing that perfect Karate chop, children learn best through playful activities. Holistic development however, would be incomplete without spiritual education. Our Ginan classes add that extra special touch and round off our truly unique holiday camp. ELC has recruited the most qualified instructors available and through the wide range of extracurricular classes that extend beyond the holiday camp, we hope to identify and support our young children’s developing talents and cultivate the masters of tomorrow.

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