2016 has been a fantastic start for the IVC. They are working effortlessly to ensure that their members serve to the best of their ability and that this Sewa is a meaningful and fulfilling experience.

The Junior and Young Volunteers achieved a big milestone this year through their annual interaction that took place on Sunday, April 17th 2016. This year’s Interaction was named FEAST FOR KNOWLEDGE and the theme revolved around the concept of DIN and DUNIYA where the Young and Junior volunteers explored various aspects under DIN and DUNIYA.

With regards to DIN, the Junior and Young volunteer officers and mentors held mini orientations that guided the volunteers on how to carry out their duties by following the right code of conduct and maintaining discipline.

As for DUNIYA, the team held a show and tell session for the Junior Volunteers where they brought a prop of personal choice and shared with the rest of the group why they chose that prop and how it adds value to their lives.

The young volunteers were given topics pre hand and had to come up and share what their thoughts were on the topic and what they learnt from it.
The aim was to provide a platform for the Junior and Young volunteers where they can build self-confidence and learn how to thrive in teams.

The Junior and Young Volunteers team had quite an eventful start to their Sunday. Aside from completing the above mentioned activities, they attended morning prayers, actively participated in morning warm up exercises and enjoyed a delicious “YJV Friendly” breakfast!  Certificates of participation were awarded to the Junior and Young volunteers that attended to recognize their efforts.

Besides the above, other activities have been conducted individually by each division such as Navroz Khushali celebrations, Mother’s day celebrations, Jamat Khana cleaning, Movie show and Card making using recyclable materials.

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