Amongst IVC’s many achievements so far this year was the interactive orientation that was held on February 21st 2016 at the Hilton Double Tree Hotel in Dar es salaam. This initiative was put in place with the intention to start the year on a positive note and refuel members for a fruitful 2016.

All members were guided through their terms of reference and their roles and responsibilities were explained in depth. Thereafter, the guest speaker gave a presentation on IVC-specific leadership skills so as to help members carry out their roles successfully. Members were encouraged to continuously practice productivity, teamwork, empathy and compassion in order to serve more effectively and gain a sense of accomplishment for themselves.

In the orientation summary session members engaged in group work. This group activity required them to work on practical case studies that provided real examples of situations that may occur during their term of service. It also gave them the opportunity to apply the roles and responsibilities stated in their mandate in order to solve certain occurrences. Furthermore, it highlighted the importance of appropriate conflict resolution, good communication and leading by example.

Overall, the members had a productive day and the result of the orientation reflects on the way the officers in charge handle their day to day activities.

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