Ismaili Volunteer Corps Week

From Saturday 11th November to Friday 17th November 2017, the Ismaili Volunteer Corps, Young Volunteers Development and Safai Committee organized the annual Volunteer Week.

This year’s focus for Volunteer Week was to learn about why volunteering is an institution in our community, under the theme IVC Roots – Refreshing our knowledge of the IVC philosophy, mandate and¬†activities.

During this week, members of the IVC, YVD and Safai recited all Jamati waras, wore full uniform, and read out Mawlana Hazir Imam’s firmans and interpretations on volunteering.

The week ended with a cake cutting ceremony and photo session in each division. On Saturday 18th November, the Corps organized a Finale dinner was held to appreciate all members’ service and provided a platform for senior members from each division to share their lifetime experiences.

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