Girls club of Mbeya

As Christmas and New Year approaches, the Ismaili Girls Club of Mbeya held a session on Sunday 04th December 2017 to wrap presents, write cards and letters to family of The Olive Branch for Children.

The activity raised awareness with children on the privilege our community youth take for granted, given that the most vulnerable children in our region are facing immense difficulty.

Gifts packed included donated clothes, toys, stationeries and new shoes for the children’s home. Donations were humbly received from members of the Jamat, as well as from other communities who contributed to sharing the Christmas spirit with children.

Each gift was packed with glossy stationery, and labeled appropriately for boys and girls receiving it. Ribbons, bows, tag and glitter was also humbly donated by Jamati members who even took time to stop by during the event.

Our children from Mbeya Girls Club (and one brother of the girls) giggled and packed gifts like experts!! J

For this particular session, we had numerous donations for breakfast, lunch and even dessert, as ice cream was served to children during the program. Even more ice cream was donated humbly by Jamati member for the kids at children’s home.

The cherry on top was when Mrs Deborah McCracken-Nangereke, a Canadian lady and founder of The Olive Branch for Children, picked the presents up on Monday. Her car was filled with our presents, and her heart was full of appreciation for the Ismaili Jamat; not just in Mbeya, but everywhere that we would be. She went on tearfully to say that she would like an opportunity to meet and thank our Jamat for the generosity we have shown to her children. And when she said, “you and your community are angels to us”, is when I realized that Christmas and New Year celebrations are not just limited to any particular religion, but rather brings the responsibility of sharing of one’s wealth, health and resources with everyone, everywhere.

We wish everyone Khushali Mubarak, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!

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