EPB empowers entrepreneurial jamati members through economic workshop

The Economic Planning Board for Tanzania organised an economic empowerment workshop on 22nd April and 27th April 2018 in Dar es Salaam and Mwanza respectively, with the aim of providing the Jamat exposure on various economic development opportunities available as a means of increasing a second income in the family.

In today’s competitive and challenging economic times, it is important that family members work together so that they are better placed to face the economic crisis. In Dar es Salaam, the program began with a talk show style discussion on women empowerment where successful women panellists shared their experiences on how they encountered various situations yet they struggled to become what they are today.

Following the talk show, the program continued with presentations by institutions within AKDN and external institutions such as the Small Industry development organisation (SIDO) and Emerson Technologies. The presentation by SIDO highlighted various training and support provided by the organisation, such as establishing a small business like food processing and soap making, and assistance with branding and packaging.

The event further provided insightful information job vacancies at Aga Khan Health Services, entrepreneurial opportunities during the current expansion of the Aga Khan Hospital in Dar es Salaam. EPB has committed to mediate between small, medium enterprises (SME), job seekers and the AKHS Management. Applicants will be considered based on merit, qualification and experience as criteria for selection.

The AKHS presentation was followed by a glimpse of various financial products offered by DTB Tanzania, as presented by the CEO. The presentation provided information on the minimum criteria for SME loans, applicable interest rate and savings products. This presentation highlighted the Jamat on the need to have proper book keeping for lending eligibility, which is a paramount criteria in any bank. Presently financial book keeping is an utmost challenge noted within some of the SMEs and therefore constituting a reason for being non-bankable.

Subsequent to the program, a fieldtrip to SIDO was organised for all registered members in Dar es Salaam on Saturday 12th May to showcase the workshop activities that are undertaken at SIDO. Participants received a demonstration of how the production process is done as well as learning about marketing strategies.

Similarly, EPB plans on working with Emerson Institute who will provide training opportunities on accounting, marketing and soft skills for front office, admin and secretarial staff.

EPB hopes that the Jamat continues to take interest and advantage of these opportunities and maximise on them for a sustainable economic growth within their families and eliminate poverty.

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