Early Childhood Development Centre, Lusaka Jamat Khana, Zambia

With great fanfare and joy, the Lusaka Jamat Khana Early Childhood Development Centre was inaugurated on 21 March 2017. Since then this little bright yellow jungle-themed room, has become the centre of activity, reading and cognitive development for almost fifteen children aged 10 and under.

Story-reading classes are held every Saturday followed by worksheet activities specifically chosen for the different age-groups. The classes are extremely popular with attendance at almost 100%. Older siblings are also very keen to join in and listen to the adventures of The Slurpy Burpy Bear and all the other 300 books that have been generously donated by the Jamat of Tanzania (Thank you!).

It is scientifically proven that early reading ignites the child’s creativity and imagination, building self-confidence and opening a whole new universe of understanding and comprehension. Parents are encouraged to join these classes to inspire their children to become active learners and confident communicators.

A book is a dream that you hold in your hand”. Neil Gaiman

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