The Economic Planning Board organized its first Business Networking event of the year on 29th April 2017, at Holiday Inn Hotel in Dar es Salaam. The event brought together 31 participants and companies from different sectors for this networking event. Presented by Al Amin Kheraj, the event’s key highlights were importance of business networking in today’s era, efficient use of digital media in marketing and businesses advertising, as well as using the networking event as an enabler for formation of business alliances.

40 million mobile subscribers and 19 million Internet subscribers – was a brief glimpse of the digital landscape in Tanzania that was presented by the guest speaker. Mr. Kheraj encouraged the use of digital media for job hunting, business advertising, and building confidence in working together on enterprise.  Participants were presented with different examples of Tanzanian-based companies who used online and digital marketing to ensure growth and sustainability for their business. This led to a discussion on how relevant each individual and their business is in the current digital/social media market and to capitalize on resources within reach, such as advertising through family and friends, and using institutions like the Aga Khan Economic Planning Board to seek assistance, guidance and support on economic opportunities available in the country. During the event, participants also had the opportunity to meet other potential clients within our Jamat as well as non-Ismaili business individuals within the local community.
The business networking event was hosted by the Business Networking Group (BNG) portfolio under the Economic Planning Board for Eastern Tanzania. It serves as a platform for information sharing, building connections, creating alliances, promoting self-confidence, and improving credibility on a business level together with growing self-esteem.

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