Zambia: Tiyende Pamodzi

These are the famous words of a song sung at Independence, which in the local language of Nyanja means ‘we go together’ and aptly translates into the Jamat’s commitment, strength and fervour in Zambia.

What an incredible year it has been; where the focus of the National Council Committee for Zambia has been primarily on education, life-long learning as our beloved Imam has encouraged us. English Classes were organised for the ladies in the Jamat. Our Early Childhood Development Centre has been fully functioning for an entire year. Our proudest moment, when two young students of the Jamat got admission at the Italian School of Lusaka, recently in February 2018, one of the top (English-medium) academic institutions in the country. To ensure our children have a well-rounded education we also focused on the ‘social conscience of Islam’ and the themes of thoughtfulness, kindness and generosity and visited the Mother Teresa Missionaries of Charity Orphanage to share books, toys and stories with young children who have orphaned primarily by HIV/AIDS.

Navroz Mubarak – we wish you all peace and blessings as we look forward to another challenging and fulfilling year. In the words of Mother Theresa: A life not lived for others, is not a life.

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