Working from home for parent and students

Many of you may be joining online learning sessions, others catching up worksheets and some finding ways to stay up to date with the exam information. While we work towards remaining safe, let us also embrace change in the way we continue to learn while at home and restore structure as much as possible. Below are some tips to organize yourself:

  1. Create a specific workspace for yourself and keep it organized. Even if you are sharing the space try and find a corner with minimum distractions. Do not use that space for other activities like entertainment.
  2. If you are used to listening to something while working, remember sounds of waterfalls, raindrops, or waves will improve your concentration.
  3. While working take breaks to stand up and drink water often. Leave your work area to take a snack or join family for a meal and return to the work area so your mind does not wander.
  4. Try really hard to keep a regular schedule. Just like you were going to school. Do your school work at times you would have been in school and other chores after school hours. Remember you will get some extra time to sleep in since you will not be traveling to school, use this time to rest.
  5. Many of us will be using electronic devices to keep up with school work. After every electronic session, take a break from the screen and shut your eyes for a few minutes. At the end of the work time put your electronic away for the rest of the day. Remember you need to recharge your batteries and those of your devices! This is also a good time to clear old clothes, and re-organize your books.
  6. Remember to find safe ways to get fresh air. Spending a lot more time indoors than usual can be frustrating. If you have a compound, take a walk – alone. Stand by the window to greet your neighbors or jog on the spot, cycle around open spaces. Please however remember that social distance is the key to safety.
  7. Keep positive and stay connected to people you care about. Take time to reflect on good times and share jokes. Thank a teacher or a friend. Write a poem for parents and those who need cheering.

For our students who are at home, below is list of educational online resources that parents can use to support their children during this time:

Online resources:

Amazing space

Beast Academy (Math)


Code Academy

Creative Bug

Curiosity Stream

Discovery Education

Discovery Mindblown



Google Earth

Hello Kids


Math Game Time

Math Playground

NASA Kids Club

Nat Geo Kids



Smithsonian for Kids

Splash Learn

Ted talks

Time for kids



Who was?


YouTube Channels:

Crash Course Kids

Science Channel

SciShow Kids

National Geographic Kids

Free School

Geography Focus



Kids Learning Tube

Geeek Gurl Diaries

Mike Likes Science

Science Max



Useful websites:



For NECTA Students:





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