Women’s Activities Portfolio has introduced a Girls Club for ages 9 -15 years, to empower young women in the Jamat by developing their leadership, social and life skills.

The objectives of the Girls Club are as follows:

  • To create an enabling environment which allows for freedom of speech, internal reflection and a safe space for young women
  • To support and share information with young women on social happenings and ideas
  • To promote self-realization of young women in discovering their likes and dislikes, including career paths
  • To inform and educate young women on protecting their health, on sexual and reproductive health as well as making the right choices
  • To assert empowerment and autonomy of women by improvement of their status, safeguarding young people’s rights as well as promoting and raising awareness on gender equality and equity
  • To understand the role of a woman as a pillar for the family and the community at large
  • To bring together young women in order to enhance their wisdom and creativity
  • To instill and encourage leadership qualities.

The above objectives will be achieved through an UNFA curriculum (Empowering Young Women to Lead Change), other interventions (Ted Talks, Mentors, Guest Speakers, Movies, etc.), as well as art programs (music, dance, drama, paint etc.).

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