WAP Programs Recap

Meal in a Jar

The Women’s Activity Portfolio launched a new initiative to combat obesity and diabetes in the Jamaat community through the Cookery Club. Led by facilitator Laura Pascetta, the club’s inaugural session showcased an innovative cooking method using glass jars and a microwave to prepare healthy meals. This technique allows food to be vacuum-sealed and stored for over two weeks, promoting convenience and reducing the need for oil in cooking. Participants learned to prepare nutritious meals like minestrone soup and pineapples in jars, offering practical solutions for healthier eating habits. The Cookery Club aims to continue providing the Jamaat with valuable resources and ideas for preparing nutritious meals throughout the year.


Girls Club

Girls aged 7-13 years had the opportunity to participate in discussions covering topics such as sisterhood, gratitude for being Ismaili Muslims, and guidance from the living imam through special Farman’s. The conversations also included fun yet significant topics like International Women’s Day, future professions, and career choices.


Health Talk – What can I feed my family?

The Women’s Activity Portfolio, in collaboration with the Aga Khan Health Board, hosted an enlightening session featuring a nutritionist from the Aga Khan Hospital. The session provided valuable guidance on arranging nutritious and meaningful meals on one’s plate. Additionally, a free clinic was set up as part of a campaign to monitor body mass and promote health awareness within the community.


International Womens Day Celebration – Dar es Salaam

The International Women’s Day celebration, organized by the Women’s Activity Portfolio, was a lively and successful event that honored women’s contributions to society. Attendees enjoyed vibrant sarees, energetic garba dancing, delicious food, and a bustling mehndi corner. With a skilled DJ keeping the energy high, music served as a unifying force, fostering bonds and creating lasting memories. The celebration was a heartfelt tribute to women, filled with joy and significance, and it served as an empowering and inspiring gathering for women worldwide.

International Womens Day Celebration – Dodoma


The Dodoma Women’s Activity Portfolio, in collaboration with the Jamati Health Committee, hosted an interactive presentation on fall prevention. Dr. Nashila Mohamed, a visiting GP from Toronto, Canada, facilitated the talk. The presentation focused on utilizing basic supports like walking canes and wheelchairs correctly, as many Jamati members tend to misuse them. Additionally, attendees learned basic chair exercises for daily use.

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