Volunteer Week 2018: The Future of Volunteering

This year’s annual volunteer week theme, “The Future of Volunteering”, was celebrated by the IsmailiVolunteer Corps, Young Volunteers and Safai Committee in October 2018. The week consisted of competitive and fun-filled sporting events, a week full of Jamati activities, and a festive awards and dinner night.

The IVC engaged members of all ages across a range of exciting team sports, including football, volleyball, throwball, badminton and table tennis. Held at the Aga Khan PrimarySchool, the games brought together all members of the Jamat to support their divisional teams. A total of 90 medals and 13 trophies were awarded, setting high expectations for competitive team sports in the future.

All Jamati activities were managed by IVC, Young and Junior Volunteers and Safai Committee members. Running along a similar forward-looking theme, all read-outs of speeches by Hazar Imam focused on how volunteers can prepare for the future.

On the final day, all volunteers gathered at Darkhana Social Hall for an awards ceremony. The event began with speeches from Major Karim Hirji and President Amin Lakhani respectively, after which an IVC-badge shaped cake was cut by two senior IVC members, Dilshad Rattansi and Arif Khalfan. The audience then watched a play prepared by volunteers, which was followed by the awards ceremony. The night concluded with dinner and music by Nahil Velji and Fatima Manji.

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