It was the afternoon of Sunday the 22nd of May, Jubilee Towers (JT) was hustling and bustling with excitement, as all the recipients, Social Care members and Care Takers along with the staff of JT were busy with the preparations of welcoming the FANOUS.

At 7.45 p.m. after prayers, all the JT residents were seated in the living room with lit candles in their hands. The Social Care members and the Care Takers were lined up on the staircase ready to receive the FANOUS.

In the dimly lit stairs and soft glow of the candles, the FANOUS made its way up the stairs. The Social Care Convener, Mrs Shagufa Hirani, explained to the residents the history and significance of the FANOUS. All the residents of JT got an opportunity to hold the FANOUS and a photo session followed thereafter.

It was a proud moment for the SWB team to facilitate the opportunity for our seniors to witness the magic of the FANOUS and be a part of its majestic journey around the world.

After the ceremony dinner and desserts were served. The SWB team wishes to thank the Jubilee Games team for their great sportsmanship and teamwork to facilitate this event.

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