Religious Education Graduation Ceremony

ITREB for Eastern Tanzania held an exciting event on Saturday, 12th June 2021, in the Upanga Jamatkhana foyer to commemorate the graduation ceremony of Pre-Primary 3 students, Grade 6 students and Secondary Level 6 students. These students will now be transitioning into Grade 1, Grade 7, and Alumni classes respectively.

Additionally, the Secondary Alumni students who have successfully completed 15 years or more of their overall Religious Education (RE) in Dar-es-Salaam were also recognised for their participation. These students have shown unwavering commitment towards our faith. Lastly, to conclude this remarkable event, all the RE teachers were recognised for their exceptional service of imparting religious education. Our RE teachers have devoted significant time, effort, and knowledge to educate our young ambassadors in religious and community identity matters.

In an ideal situation, we would have hosted our yearly STEP Connect and Celebration of Learning event for the jamat to learn from and acknowledge our students and teachers. However, given the current ongoing pandemic, the pre-primary students completed their learnings with their respective families at home, the primary students culminated their learnings through online, and hands-on workshops hosted by external facilitators and in-house teachers.  The secondary students showcased their learnings from class through a virtual newsletter. Overall, this was a memorable event to celebrate, our students, parents and teachers!

View all of the graduation pictures here.

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