Integrating the Mind, Body and Soul: An Educational Session with Seniors

The Aga Khan Social Welfare Board, in collaboration with the Community Counseling Services (CCS), organized an educational session on mental health for the elderly members of the Dar es Salaam jamat. Dr. Kurban Madhani, a retired Clinical Assistant Professor in Psychiatry from the University of British Columbia, facilitated the session where he spoke about the brain and how one can sustain positive mental health. He explained various factors which lead to poor mental health and encouraged the seniors to engage in physical and mental activities, which can boost their brain cells to remain active. Dr. Madhani also discussed the importance of practicing faith and gratitude at all emphasizing on the importance of attending Jamatkhana regularly, eating healthy in a timely manner, and engaging in friendly conversations with friends and families around their vicinity.


Following his talk, Dr. Madhani provided individual consultations with seniors who wished to see him on a one-on-one basis. A lot of positive conversations were exchanged and the seniors were happy to ask questions related to their mental and social wellbeing.

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