HRD Team

In October 2016, the Human Resource Development (HRD) Committee of the National Council for Tanzania organised a two day training for the Leaders of the Jamat, consisting of President and Members of the National Council and the Chairpersons and Honorary Secretaries of various Boards.  Senior Staff members of the Council and the Boards also participated.  The training was conducted by a facilitator from the United Kingdom, Tasneem Virani.

During the two days, the training enabled leaders to reflect on their roles and the realm of Sewa in the Jamat through case studies, activities, discussions and presentations.

The exciting weekend, also provided the leaders an opportunity to interact with each other and learn from best practices. The facilitator guided leaders to explore effective ways to manage change, its importance and the role of emotional intelligence, whilst working with respective committees and members of the Jamat.  The spouses of the Leaders also participated in this training.

The leaders had positive feedback on the training and some commented that this was a good refresher for them, giving them fresh energy and new ideas for implementation.  The staff who participated also appreciated the training and commented that this would enable them to provide better support structure to the Leadership and the Jamat.

The HRD Team looks forward to organize more such trainings at Regional and Institutional Levels during the coming years.

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