        ENROLLMENT :

This activity was held on the Saturday session on 9th January, 2016.

4 new members were welcomed.  We have total 37 members in the movement.

Syllabus and lesson plans for the year 2016 were discussed with the children.

Activities such as Playing Various Games & Songs were held

All the members participated well and showed brotherhood and unity amongst each other.


Various activities were carried out on 20th February, 2016 to celebrate memories of the Founders of the Movement and to promote Scouts and Guides into the community Service.

84% of the scouts and guides participated in all the activities.

The World Thinking Day 2016 theme was “Connect.” 

This World Thinking Day, Scouts and Guides explored and celebrated the connections that make life happier. The different kinds of connections celebrated as stated below:


  1. For participants to explore a bit more about themselves and transform any personal challenges to potentials.

 To Build self-confidence with the support of their peers

  1. For participants to learn more about their friends through fun challenges

 Develop problem solving skills

  1. For participants to understand how WAGGGS / WOSM operates

 Experience how WAGGGS / WOSM is utilise the income from the World Thinking Day / Founders Day fund.

  1. For participants to be challenged to speak out and take action on the topics they care about the most.

 Discover different places around the world

  1. For participants to reflect on what they learnt and the connections that were important for them.


Connect with me: If we don’t take the time to connect with ourselves and understand what we need to be happy and confident, we won’t be able to make the difference we want to make in other people’s lives.
Connect with friends: Connection is friendship and friendship is happiness. So what makes a good friend? Connect with someone you care about, make a new friend, and explore the relationships that matter to you.
Connect with the world: Look wider and see how you can make a difference in the places you care about. Get to know your community or a place in nature, then look wider still and connect with the amazing world of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting.

Jamatkhana cleaning was organized by HR on 21st February, 2016.

65% of members participated in  the cleaning with IVC and Ladies Safai Committee.

The Scouts and Guides participated well and worked with zeal and enthusiasm.  This developed brotherhood and unity among the Scouts & Guides and volunteers as a whole.


Training Camp For All The Scouts And Guides was held on 5th and 6th at the Meal Mandap in the Jamatkhana Premises for Junior and Senior Scouts and Guides, Rangers, and Rovers.  32 out of 37 children participated.

Objectives Of The Program

        Present and evaluate the participants’ knowledge on various treatments for first aid in different environments and circumstances.

        To teach the participants how to be first respondents in case of emergencies whiles camping or during an outdoor excursions.

        Present hands on rope work activity for various outdoor projects and pioneering activities and to evaluate the participants’ knowledge of rope work and uses.


Activity Topics Covered:

  1. Tent pitching
  2.  Camp set up
  3.  First Aid
  4. Rope work
  5.  Camp fire
  6.  Games and other activities


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