Feast for Knowledge

“Earlier this year, The Junior and Young Volunteers team held their annual interaction called Feast for Knowledge. The sequel to this event was held on August 14th 2016. The theme remained the same whereby the balance between Din and Duniya was explored. This time for the DIN aspect the Junior and Young Volunteers created and presented skits on the various ethics that our faith teaches us and the values that we must exercise as Ismailis. The topics included respect for parents, being kind to people, lending a helping hand to people in need, accepting the opportunity for sewa at all times and the importance of education. It was a great way to enable realization amongst the kids and allow them to reflect on their daily habits. Under the DUNIYA aspect the kids took part in various obstacle challenge courses and a grand treasure hunt whereby the team work and critical thinking was required in order to succeed. Great sportsmanship was observed and various valuable lessons were learnt. A few other factors that added to the fun filled day was the delicious breakfast, collaboration from the parents and the tremendous efforts from the YJV Team”.

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