Diamond Jubilee Time & Knowledge Nazrana

As a part of Mowlana Hazar Imam’s Diamond Jubilee, He has graciously agreed to accept the gift of Time and Knowledge Nazrana (TKN) from his Murids. The Diamond Jubilee TKN is open to the entire Jamat regardless of age and has no time limit for actualization. Murids who submitted a TKN Niyat during the Golden Jubilee, whether or not they have been called upon to serve, may still submit a new Niyat for the Diamond Jubilee.

Procedure to register:

  • All Jamati members wishing to offer their Niyat for the Diamond Jubilee Time and Knowledge Nazrana can do so at the designated Jamatkhana desks in the foyer every Friday.
  • After offering their Niyat, Murids will receive either a TKN Niyat card with a 12-digit code, which is required to complete the registration process online, or a paper-based form.
  • Murids have the option to complete their registration for Time and Knowledge Nazrana on a paper-based form or online at www.timeandknowledge.org

For more information, please approach the TKN volunteers or visit www.timeandknowledge.org

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