This is a Jamati committee that is operated by a team of dedicated volunteers who sacrifice their time and provide service to the Jamat and the Imam of the time. It falls under the National Council portfolio.  CRISIS RESPONSE TEAM (CRT) Members are community volunteers who respond to traumatic incidents at the request of the Jamati members and the Society at large. CRT provides immediate on-scene crisis intervention, attends to survival and comfort needs, acts as a liaison between the victim and emergency personnel and gives referrals to victims and their families affected by death, a serious injury, a violent crime or other traumatic incidents.


“To ensure the safety and well-being of the Jamat and Society in which the Jamat resides and to be in a state of preparedness to respond rapidly and effectively in times of man-made or natural disasters”


During the 2015 Tanzania Elections the CRT members were well prepared. The team had organized various activities for the safety of the Jamat and the society. CRT carried out road patrols for the whole month and they had 2 hubs that operated for 24 hours daily during the month of October 2015. These were the NEWS ROOM and the NERVE CENTRE that were based in Upanga Jamatkhana. The team ensured that bulk SMS were circulated to all the Jamati members on safety measures and how to avoid unnecessary troubles. The team was in constant liaison with the British High Commission, the Canadian Embassy and the Local Police trying to oversee and be above all news and updates. The team also had a road patrol car that was well equipped for the situation.

In keeping the safety of the Jamat in mind, during the same time, CRT collaborated with 10 young and dynamic medical professionals who came forward to offer their services to the Imam of the time and the Jamat. Together they formed MERT – Medical Emergency Response Team. MERT has been in constant contact with CRT not only during the Elections but also after the elections. Earlier this year, they have come up with a plan to educate various Jamati members on the First Aid and CPR. This plan is already practiced in Chang’ombe and Kariakoo Jamatkhanas.

CRT’s newly appointed executive and task force teams are well acquainted with the national risks and their management.  A well-planned and strategic approach towards the current challenges and troubles faced by the Jamat is in place and in process to execute them day in day out. In May 2016, CRT’s core team organized a National Tanzania Workshop that included all the upcountry coordinators along with the Dar es Salaam CRT members and sister institutions such as Scouts & Guides and IVC. The workshop was on Disaster Risk Management and it covered various management strategies including: Safety & security management, General rescue & evacuation, Crowd control, Mass disaster preparedness, Mass casualty incidents and safe lifting & transport.


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