BUI Field Trip

All students, from grade 1 to grade 10 experienced an extended study portion of their curriculum this year.

As part of their study of Allah’s creation, grade 1 students went to the Slipway in Masaki. They were familiarised with the variety and enormous abundance of Allah’s creation through a nature walk experiencing and observing through their senses.

In keeping with book 2’s Ismaili History theme, grade 2 students were taken to the National Museum in Dar Es Salaam and learned a great deal about Tanzania’s history and evolution of humans.

Grade 3 students had the pleasure of visiting Wonder Workshop in Msasani. In book 3 Treasures of Islam they read ‘Hands with a Magic Touch’ and ‘Dance of a Pen’. At the Artisan Workshop, they learned about how disabled people make their living by making paper, glass jewellery and metal art from recycled materials.

Allah has given human beings the gifts of five senses, to explore and learn about the world. In connection with Book 3, ‘This Mysterious Universe’, Grade 4 students visited the Buguruni School for the Deaf to enjoy a morning of play and games with the students.

On their visit to the Aga Khan Hospital in Dar es salaam, grade 5 students learned the role the Aga Khan Health Services plays in providing quality healthcare to Tanzanians.

Grade 6 students went to Doubletree Hotel by Hilton, and connected their learning with the concept of Exploring and Discovering. Students were given a guided tour of the hotel and their facilities by representatives from the hotel. They had the opportunity to explore the places of rest used by present day travelers and connected this to ethical principals relating to the concept of our human community.

STEP students of Secondary level 1 to 3 went on a field trip to the St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Dar es Salaam. The students explored the concept of community, leadership, spaces of prayer and past civilizations, as well as cultural aspects of other communities, by making connections to the secondary modules of Muslim societies and civilizations as well as ‘Encounters in Muslim History’.

STEP students of Secondary level 4 and 5 went on a field trip to Zanzibar Jamatkhana, Church and Temple connecting their learning with the module of ‘Faith and Practice in Islamic Traditions’. Students were given a guided tour of the above-mentioned premises and had the opportunity to explore the common and different beliefs and practices, community organization, prayer spaces and architecture.

Families are reminded that the next BUI academic year will start from August 19th for Saturday morning classes; and August 21st for evening classes. We look forward to seeing your children there, during this exciting Diamond Jubilee year!

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