October was an exciting month for Baytul Ilm and STEP students and teachers. Once the announcement confirmed Mawlana Hazar Imam’s upcoming Diamond Jubilee visit, preparations began.

On September 30th, Chairman Iqbal Shariff, Executive Officer Rafiq Gilani and Alwaez Karim Rattansi, discussed with students “What is Deedar?  What does Deedar mean? What do we do during Darbar? How do we behave in the presence of Mawla?” 

These discussions led to a second session the following week, where Zeenat Thawer presented ‘Mindfulness” to the students. Her activity encouraged the students to focus, leading to better concentration during prayer and bandagi.

As the week to the Darbar came closer, students and teachers were also seen helping in the exciting preparations at Diamond Jubilee Hall. Once the regular classes resumed, students were ever ready with their regular assembly presentations. Congratulations students and teachers! Thank you to our facilitators! Keep up the spirit and the great work!

Rafiq Gilani, Iqbal Shariff and Karim Ratansi give the students some insight on What is Deedar?

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