Bait-ul-Ilm Students celebrate Navroz with fellow students from Vancouver Canada.

On Saturday March 18th, Baitul Ilm students gathered at the Aga Khan Primary School for their Saturday morning classes.

Under the guidance of their teachers, Nurfatima Merali and Natasha Hirji, the grade 6 class performed a short skit about Navroz and shared a ginan, a firman and a Quranic ayat with their fellow students. The students also watched a short video about how Navroz is celebrated in Iran.

Dar es Salaam BUI students sent Navroz Mubarak video to their brothers and sisters in Vancouver, Canada. BUI students will also be able to see a video message from students in Vancouver in the coming weeks. Thereafter, students returned to their classes to continue different Navroz activities (card making, puzzles).

In the multi-purpose hall, parents organized Navroz Haft Sin table displaying items from the Navroz Sofreh. A short video clip about this tradition was also shown. The significance of Haft Sin table was explained to the students by the parents and Dr. Amin Rehmani.

Congratulations to all for a wonderful day. Navroz Mubarak!

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