Annual Day in Iringa

The Annual Day event was a program conducted by ITREB Iringa on 11th November, 2016. Its objective was to display the array of objectives that ITREB, Iringa Committee has aspired to achieve during the year; namely to educate children in the faith, ethics, history and culture of the Ismail community. The teachings during the year, also aspired to seek to promote self-development, learning and moral responsibility through instructional approaches which encourage creativity and reflection among its students.

The program began with stuthi, in which prayers were offered to our beloved Hazar Imam. This was followed by a welcome speech by the Secretary and a few dances and songs performed by students. An excellent educative play on the importance of attending JK, was then presented by the children.

An audio clip on the important factors of positive parenting, was played in between programs and a question answer session reiterated the important points. Emphasis was given on the fact that we do not need to teach our children ‘what to think’, but we need to give them the tools of ‘How to think’.

Finally, Namdar Mukhi Saheb showered Dua Ashish on the Jamat and the teachers of ITREB Iringa. The Annual day function ended with refreshments being served to the Jamat.

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