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Career counseling now available

Are you confused about subject selection? Do you need career counseling? Do you need assistance in college guidance or completing a university application?

We are pleased to inform students that we now have a career counselor in Dar es Salaam. Students wishing to acquire this service, contact the AKEB office via email

([email protected]) or Whatsapp (+255 683 231 017).


Congratulations to our graduating students
AKEB wishes to congratulate all of our O levels, A levels, and IB 2 graduating students. Take a look at our graduating students below:



Congratulations to IXL awardees

In  2017, the Aga Khan Education Board launched the American-based IXL online learning tool for students from Pre KG to Grade 11. A total of 427 students from across Tanzania and Zambia have registered. Since launching IXL, Jamati students have practiced over 50,000 hours, answered over 15,000,000 questions and practiced 24,000 skills.

Between 15th April and 26th April 2022, the Aga Khan Education Board held two competitions for all IXL students across Tanzania. The first competition is a Jamati competition where students who practiced a certain number of hours are awarded medals based on time spent on IXL in Mathematics. Check out the photo slideshow below and the full list of awardees:


GOLD MEDAL For students who practiced for more than 7 hours

First Name Last Name Grade Jamatkhana Medal
Amaan Habib 5 Arusha Gold
Aliaa Habib 2 Arusha Gold
Armaan Rajan 2 Darkhana Gold
Abyan Kanji 5 Darkhana Gold
Aaqib Popatiya 2 Darkhana Gold
Zaigham Bhanji 6 Darkhana Gold
Arsh Parpia 6 Darkhana Gold
Nihad Meghji 8 Darkhana Gold
Nasiha Khimji 4 Darkhana Gold
Aalif Lakdawalla 7 Darkhana Gold
Saahir Jinnah 7 Darkhana Gold
Aahan Charaniya Kg Darkhana Gold
Unaysah Khimji 5 Darkhana Gold
Samya Meghji 7 Darkhana Gold
Inaaya Ebrahim 9 Darkhana Gold
Farhan Ladak 8 Darkhana Gold
Rania Noorani 4 Darkhana Gold
Rihab Khoja 3 Darkhana Gold
Arva Hajiyani 3 Darkhana Gold
Kiyaan Hassam 2 Darkhana Gold
Ziyan Charania 5 Darkhana Gold
Maahira Noorani 1 Darkhana Gold
Samaira Jinnah 7 Darkhana Gold
Qais Kanji 3 Darkhana Gold
Nadira Kanji 4 Dodoma Gold
Maisarah Haroon 4 Dodoma Gold
Nahyan Hirji 1 Dodoma Gold
Inayah Hirji 3 Dodoma Gold
Raniyah Sachedina 10 Dodoma Gold
Khaliyah Sachedina 9 Dodoma Gold
Rihanna Gajiyani 8 Iringa Gold
Farhaan Amersi 7 Iringa Gold
Saahir Gajiyani 1 Iringa Gold
Ilhaan Amersi 9 Iringa Gold
Ashna Sodawala 6 Karimabaad Gold
Junaid Sameer Dhanji 5 Karimabaad Gold
Zuny Shahid Anand 6 Karimabaad Gold
Samarah Ladak 2 Karimabaad Gold
Ayreen Lakhani 2 Karimabaad Gold
Afreen Nizar Lakhani 7 Karimabaad Gold
Inaaya Rajan 1 Karimabaad Gold
Samairah Pardhan 7 Karimabaad Gold
Aahil Jaffer 7 Karimabaad Gold
Sahil Jaffer 3 Karimabaad Gold
Aahil Rahim Damji 4 Karimabaad Gold
Aariz Fayaz Meghji 6 Karimabaad Gold
Amelia Walli Kg Karimabaad Gold
Aliyah Rahim Damji 5 Karimabaad Gold
Ryleen Somani 5 Mbeya Gold
Raazeen Somani 6 Mbeya Gold
Raniyaah Somani Kg Mbeya Gold
Shanaya Dhalla Kg Morogoro Gold
Aayan Dhalla 3 Morogoro Gold
Ally Kassam 10 Moshi Gold
Aaliyah Jadavji 1 Moshi Gold
Nikheel Alibhai 7 Mwanza Gold
Sammara Alibhai 7 Mwanza Gold
Innara Ayub 7 Mwanza Gold
Benazir Liyakat Ayub 3 Mwanza Gold
Sajjad Swaleh 2 Mwanza Gold
Aleena Javeri 6 Mwanza Gold
Ziyaan Lalji 2 Mwanza Gold
Simin Alladin 9 Mwanza Gold
Arissa Javeri 7 Mwanza Gold
Deleena Velji 5 Mwanza Gold
Mishka Virani 1 Mwanza Gold
Arsh Pirani Kg Mwanza Gold
Ariyanah Bhanji Kg Upanga Gold
Zayk Juneja 4 Upanga Gold
Aaryan Karmali 6 Upanga Gold
Ruhy Nahdy 6 Upanga Gold
Azaan Momin 3 Upanga Gold
Ayan Panjwani 5 Upanga Gold
Kaysan Kachra 5 Upanga Gold
Arissa Ranmal 5 Upanga Gold
Alaina Muhammad 2 Upanga Gold
Ayaz Panjwani 5 Upanga Gold
Shuneal Bharwani 5 Upanga Gold
Qayn Nanji 1 Upanga Gold
Rawah Nahdy 4 Upanga Gold
Rayhan Bhanji 4 Upanga Gold
Ariya Rajabali 4 Upanga Gold
Sylvie Solanki Kg Upanga Gold
Sneha Habib 9 Upanga Gold
Aliyah Samji 2 Upanga Gold
Zaafir Jassani 4 Upanga Gold
Kayan Premji 8 Upanga Gold
Inaaya Aminmohamed 6 Upanga Gold
Aayat Momin Kg Upanga Gold
Ehan Rajabali 8 Upanga Gold
Rahim Alladin 5 Upanga Gold
Sarina Janmohamed 8 Upanga Gold
Adel Bharwani Kg Upanga Gold
Laamia Jivani 2 Upanga Gold
Riana Bhojani 7 Upanga Gold
Angel Dharani Kg Upanga Gold
Aaliyah Amarshi 1 Upanga Gold
Kahil Walli 5 Upanga Gold
Aahil Amarshi 4 Upanga Gold
Naila Rattansi 6 Upanga Gold
Sarah Rattansi 7 Upanga Gold
Rayyan Safraaz Kassam 1 Upanga Gold
Shezil Merchant 5 Zambia Gold
Aarav Gilani 4 Zambia Gold


Silver Medal For Students Who Practiced Between 5 And 7 Hours

First Name Last Name Grade Jamat Khana Medal
Tauqir Bhanji 3 Darkhana Silver
Arbaaz Alkarim 5 Darkhana Silver
Kaiser Premji 3 Upanga Silver
Mohammed Ali Jafferali 10 Upanga Silver
Aahana Habib 2 Upanga Silver
Zohran Jiwani Kg Upanga Silver
Lizanna Remtulla 3 Upanga Silver
Ayaat Azim Dhanji 3 Upanga Silver
Ayaan Karani 8 Zambia Silver


Bronze Medal For Students Who Practiced Between 4 And 5 Hours

First Name Last Name Grade Jamat Khana Medal
Rehan Kassam 3 Darkhana Bronze
Cianna Remtulla 8 Darkhana Bronze
Fiyana Khoja Kg Darkhana Bronze
Qail Ebrahim 2 Darkhana Bronze
Kabir Praful Mogal 1 Mwanza Bronze
Raeesa Jetha 4 Mwanza Bronze
Shazana Aminmohamed 2 Upanga Bronze


Recognition Medal For Students Who Practiced Between 3 And 4 Hours

First Name Last Name Grade Jamat Khana Medal
Kaysan Charania 3 Darkhana Recognition
Aahirah Thawer 6 Darkhana Recognition
Ayana Abdul 6 Karimabaad Recognition
Alyan Walli 5 Karimabaad Recognition
Saleeha Rahim Karmali 2 Karimabaad Recognition
Keyaan Jetha 2 Karimabaad Recognition
Mahira Nadeem Premji Pk Karimabaad Recognition
Falaq Janmohamed 2 Upanga Recognition
Aayan Habib Kg Upanga Recognition
Ayan Alykhan Premji 1 Upanga Recognition
Anaya Alykhan Premji Kg Upanga Recognition
Imroziya Virji 6 Upanga Recognition


The Aga Khan Education Board Also Organized A National Competition Across Tanzania And Zambia, Grade Wise Based On Time Spent, Number Of Questions Answered And Skills Practiced And Completed During The Competition Period. The Follow Are The Awardees:


Grade Position First Name Last Name Jk
Kg 1st Aahan Charaniya Darkhana
  2nd Amelia Walli Karimabaad
  3rd Sylvie Solanki Upanga
1 1st Qayn Nanji Upanga
  2nd Maahira Noorani Darkhana
  3rd Saahir Gajiyani Iringa
2 1st Armaan Rajan Darkhana
  2nd Kiyaan Hassam Darkhana
  3rd Aaqib Popatiya Darkhana
3 1st Arva Hajiyani Darkhana
  2nd Azaan Momin Upanga
  3rd Rihab Khoja Darkhana
4 1st Nadira Kanji Dodoma
  2nd Rayhan Bhanji Upanga
  3rd Rania Noorani Darkhana
5 1st Ziyan Charania Darkhana
  2nd Kahil Walli Upanga
  3rd Kaysan Kachra Upanga
6 1st Ashna Sodawala Karimabaad
  2nd Arsh Parpia Darkhana
  3rd Ruhy Nahdy Upanga
7 1st Riana Bhojani Upanga
  2nd Nikheel Alibhai Mwanza
  3rd Sammara Alibhai Mwanza
8 1st Rihanna Gajiyani Iringa
  2nd Kayan Premji Upanga
  3rd Farhan Ladak Kariakoo
9 1st Khaliyah Sachedina Dodoma
  2nd Inaaya Ebrahim Upanga
  3rd Sneha Habib Upanga
10 1st Raniyah Sachedina Dodoma
  2nd Ally Kassam Moshi


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