About the Safety & Security National Team

The security and safety team is a group of volunteers who serve as defined by the National Council within the context of the jurisdiction. The Safety and Security Portfolio is the National Council’s primary safety and security planning and operations body. Its main function is to ensure a cohesive security and safety management system, to ensure (to the extent possible) the security and safety of members of the Jamat, Jamatkhanas, Jamati properties and assets, and Jamati activities and events.

The portfolio also includes the National Core Committee (NCC), which is led by a chairman. It includes several portfolio members, who each have a specific functional role and focus on strategy and operational planning and supported by an admin / finance member.

The NCC is supported by a team of Regional Convenors, Area Co-ordinators, Jamatkhana Leads, and Jamatkhana Security Teams, who help the NCC to deliver their responsibilities in the field.

Structure of the team

  • The team structure is multi‐layered, operating at national, regional, local, and Jamatkhana
  • The team delivers all required functions, e.g. security operations, external relations, or training.
  • The team operates in every part of the jurisdiction, e.g. regionally within a single country or across multiple countries within a jurisdiction.
  • Capacity building – the team includes human resource with the capacity to learn, grown and deliver now and in future years.
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