Ismaili CIVIC establishes micro-forest in Upanga Jamatkhana premises

In collaboration with Aga Khan Foundation Tanzania, Youth Volunteer Development, and Ismaili CIVIC Tanzania, our young members of the Aga Khan Scouts and Guides (AKSG) commemorated Founder’s Day today by pledging to be climate champions!

Over 30 AKSG members learned about the importance of a microforest and how it helps our environment before putting it into action. They planted 130 seedlings consisting of 39 species at the Upanga Jamatkhana garden in Dar es Salaam.

This micro forest is our flagship initiative and will be an educational tool for our climate change activities within the Jamat and the greater community. It is the third one established in Dar es Salaam by Ismaili CIVIC Tanzania, and 15 others in Tanzania established by AKF Tanzania.

Today’s initiative is part of a larger strategy of Ismaili CIVIC Tanzania to off-set our carbon footprint in our Jamatkhanas, which aims to have some form of green programs implemented in all Jamatkhanas in Tanzania and Zambia by 2024.

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