Updates from the Aga Khan Education Board

Recent activities from our AKEB students

The Aga Khan Education Board for Tanzania supports students of all ages in the Jamat to keep them active and engaged. Take a look at some of their recent activities:

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The Aga Khan Education Board for Tanzania also wishes to congratulate our Form IV graduates! Learn more about them and their future plans: https://www.facebook.com/125283121410191/posts/743382749600222/?d=n 

We encourage all students to keep up the good work! 

Useful online resources for students of all ages

Whether you are taking a break from studying or need some guidance on research, there are lots of online resources that can help. Take a look below:

Book Websites:

Online Educational Support:

Answers to Questions:

Search Websites:

Searching for medical information:


Academic search/web research tools/reference managers

Useful websites:

For NECTA students:

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