Empowering Young Women Leaders (Girls Club)

Women’s Portfolio is pleased to inform the Jamat of its exciting ongoing program, the Girls’ Club, which has been rolled-out all through Tanzania.  Empowering Young Women to Lead Change, is a United Nations Development Program, that has brought a lot of excitement and vigor amongst the girls of our Jamat, between the ages of 9 to 15 years. Their desire and drive is already shaping the program to go beyond the initial concept; it is now evolving into a grand effort to enable, educate, empower and embed cultural ethics into the young women of our Jamat.

The present generation, the “I Generation”, are subject to various challenges, including the good and the bad of the social media and the fast pace of questionable information – distorting the age appropriate environment and a misconception of maturity. The secular needs expected of our youth are so vast that activities such as self-reflection are a rare luxury.

The Girls Club was created with the aim to address these concerns, to build their self-confidence, dignity and turning them into Leaders of Tomorrow.  For young women, The Clubs offer an enabling environment for free expression of thought and reflection of one’s inner-self; to build upon these in a safe space.  It also encourages empowerment and autonomy of women by instilling leadership qualities through interventions such as Ted Talks, Mentors, Guest Speakers, Motivational Movies, etcetera, together with different art forms such as music, dance, drama and painting.

Mowlana Hazar Imam has time and again encouraged educational investments in girls and women and our efforts resonate with this vision.

Presently the Girls Club is active in Dar-es-salaam, Mbeya, Mwanza and Zanzibar. Club activities nurture self-reflection and development aimed at psychosocial achievements for our young women.  Some sessions are held collaboratively with other Jamati institutions for collective development and offer mutual benefit for both boys and girls.

Women’s Activities Portfolio requests every parent to encourage their daughters to attend the Girls Club sessions for their journey of self-discovery and empowerment.   Inshallah, with our collaborative efforts, we will contribute to the vision of enabling our Jamat to be stronger, wiser and united in our journey together into the future.

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