Salgirah Celebrations

Every December, the ITREB Baitul-Ilm family comes together to celebrate the auspicious occasion of Mawlana Hazar Imam’s birthday. The event provides us with yet another opportunity to reflect on the unique spiritual bond that links each of us with our Imam-of-the-Time. This year, the Baitul-Ilm students and teachers engaged in the following celebrations:

  • The pre-primary unit learned about the different countries Ismailis live in around the world and showcased diversity through a fashion show. The love for the Imam is what binds and brings all the Ismailis together, as also expressed in the I Love My Mawla story. Students watched a short video clip to reflect on their love for the Imam and that the best gift to him would be to live through the values of our faith every day. See the photos below:
  • The primary unit began their preparation for the celebration weeks in advance as all of them expressed their love and gratitude to the Imam through stage performances on the theme “Love for My Mawla”. Each performance enabled students to connect their learning of the Ta’lim curriculum with the role of the Imam-of-the-Time in our lives today. The students amazed teachers, parents and the leadership with their dances, drama, fashion show and presentations!


  • The secondary unit celebrations were organized in two parts. Firstly, the senior classes (grades 11 and 12) took up leadership roles in facilitating the celebrations for the rest of the secondary grades (grades 7 to 10). They created opportunities for the lower secondary grades to further articulate and understand deeper the meaning of the Imam’s birthday in our lives that ultimately helps us reflect on our individual Imam-Murid personal bond, and also the broader Imam-Jamat relationship. They performed various activities, such as quiz, scavenger hunt and p In addition, professional art teachers were invited to teach and create meaningful art pieces that enabled us to express our love and loyalty for the Imam.

On behalf of ITREB for Tanzania, we wish our Imam-e-Zaman’s 87th Salgirah Mubarak to the Global Jamat.

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