Promoting Gender Equality and Health Awareness in Zanzibar

On June 29th, 2019, the Zanzibar Ismaili youth attended the Zanzibar Half Marathon in support of promoting health awareness across the Isles nation. The race, a multi-ethnic and diverse event, sought to encourage men and women to participate equally and raise awareness in support for orphans in Zanzibar.


The involvement of the Zanzibar Ismaili Jamat in the event was aimed at encouraging gender and social equality, engaging the youth within the Zanzibar community in order to build bridges with other communities on the island, support the less fortunate, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle. The Jamat was represented well with a number of women and young girls, showcasing the strength of equality in our Ismaili community.


Given that this took place in an Islamic environment, there have been concerns on the role of women, and it is fortunate that Zanzibar is embracing practices of fairness and equality across gender.


Following the theme of “Achieving Gender Equality & Empowerment of Girls and Women”, the event aims to become an annual occasion, whereby communities of all faiths and backgrounds can come together to build a better Zanzibar society. The hope is to encourage women and promote inclusion to create a sustainable culture of equality that falls within the purview and practice of Islam.

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