Ismaili Achievements

Eight-year-old Aminaz and nine-year-old Aliyana, students at the Aga Khan Primary School (AKPS), have both participated in more than 25 swimming galas since the age of two and three years old respectively, including galas organized by IYSC (Unity Games & Inter-Community Swimming Galas).

Both Aminaz and Aliyana are part of the AKPS Swim Squad as well as the Bluefins Swimming Club. They have participated in various Development Galas, Invitational Galas and National Junior Championships in Dar-es-Salaam, Mwanza, Arusha and Morogoro. Both girls compete in the 50m and 100m events in freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly and IM.

Aminaz’s Major Achievements

– 1st Overall Female Winner, Age 7,

DSC Junior Championship, Dar-es-Salaam (December 2016)

– Overall 8&U Girls Winner,

MIS Invitational 2017, Morogoro (November 2017)

– Best Female Swimmer, Victrix Ludorum, Age 8,

National Juniors Swimming Championship 2018, Dar-es-Salaam (Jan 2018)

– Overall Winner, 8&Under Female,

Taliss Invitational 2018, Dar-es-Salaam (February 2018)


Aminaz’s Records Broken in 2018

– 50m Butterfly with a time of 48.20 seconds (National Junior 2018 Record)

– 50m Backstroke with a time of 45.09 seconds (Taliss 2018 Record)


Aliyana’s Major Achievements

– 3rd Overall Female Winner, Age 8,

DSC Junior Championship, Dar-es-Salaam (December 2016)

– Best Female Swimmer, 1st Runner-Up, Age 9,

National Juniors Swimming Championship 2018, Dar-es-Salaam (Jan 2018)


Aliyana’s Records Broken in 2018

– 100m Breastroke with a time of 2:00.18 seconds (previous National Junior record of 2:00.20 seconds was clocked in 2016).

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