Introducing Economic Planning Board’s Advertisement Bulletin

The Economic Planning Board (EPB) for Eastern Tanzania recently published an “EPB Advertisement Bulletin” where small and medium sized businesses owners in the Jamat, as well as Jamati members with home businesses were able to advertise their businesses with a purpose of increasing their marketing and business development. EPB will soon come up with a second edition of the Bulletin, which will provide an opportunity for new businesses to market their products and services.

The main purpose of this initiative is to help these businesses grow and promote/market these businesses of Jamati members to our own Jamats. Benefits of small business advertising include attracting new customers and increased sales of products and services to existing customers. It can increase profitability and improve volume sales. The advertising can also increase visibility within the industry, helping business owners attract partners that can help expand the business.

To build upon the initial success of this bulletin, EPB is in the process of developing a mobile application later this year. This app will help the jamati business owners to advertise to potential customers who will be able access business profiles with their products and services directly through their phones. Any interested Jamati members are encouraged to contact EPB for advertising their business.

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