CAB visit to Mbeya and Iringa

Shafiq Ratansi, the Legal Member for the National Council for Tanzania visited the Southern Regional Council in January 2023. He assisted members of the Jamat in Mbeya and Iringa to make/update existing wills. He also conducted an informative presentation on ethical wealth transfer and inheritance planning (EWTIP) and also emphasized the crucial importance of making a will. He was joined by Kherunissa Gajiyani, member of the National Conciliation and Arbitration Board (NCAB) in Iringa, who made a presentation on the roles, responsibilities, process and procedures of the NCAB to the Jamat. She also spoke on the topic of pre-marital orientation, which is a collaborative initiative between NCAB and ITREB Tanzania, to educate young couples who are ready to “tie the knot” in two important areas: considerations for a happily married life, and the religious and contractual aspects of a marriage. More than 90% of the Jamat participated in the presentation sessions, in both regions.

The Jamat is welcome to contact the Legal Member at 0754 929 129 for further clarifications and for assistance on wills/EWTIP, and contact for NCAB or PMO related information on 022 212 1618, respectively.

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